College Degree Fast. Fast College Degree
Choose Your College or University. Our Fast College Degree Program Gives you the opportunity to choose! Did you know there are many schools whom seek qualified skilled people just like you as prospective alumni? No testing, No study. If you have the knowledge, if you have the skills, apply them.

DegreePros employs Colleges and Universities that have private Accreditation, Degreepros is a private organization established to help those interested in the concept of nontraditional education locate a suitable university, which grants graduate and postgraduate degrees without classroom or residency requirements. The US department of education estimates that a 4 year college degree will cost an average of $78,000 for a student beginning school in 2007. This estimate does not include the high interest rates of college loans, cost of living, credit card debt etc. This estimate also does not factor in that most students take 6 years to finish a Bachelors degree instead of the traditional 4. What does this mean to you? With Degreepros you can do something in days that would usually take years.

DegreePros was founded with the belief  that a Diploma should be available to everyone regardless of status, location,  wealth,  career and / or  family commitments.  Our enrollees are drawn from all walks of life and encouraged to give themselves a chance at a brighter future with that all too elusive college degree. A substantial number of our students are working adults, generally balancing both career and/or family. We also have many high school graduates who find our programs ideal for structuring commitments and becoming established in a chosen field while earning an income, as well as students who attended traditional college for a short period of time but found the financial and time requirements to be too great.
College Degree Fast. Fast College Degree
College Degree Fast. How To Get A Fast College Degree
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Get Your Online College Degree, Based on Life Experience. Our accredited college degree and online life experience  degree are tailored to meet your needs. All Online College Degrees are accredited, 100%. Get Credit for a Life Experience Degree, any accredited college degree, Your online life experience degree awaits.An on-line college degree will get you ahead! Incredible online degree programs, online bachelors degree programs, online masters degrees, and much more.
Accredited College Degree Programs for Life Experience
DegreePros, was developed to meet the needs of people in today’s fast paced society by offering affordable, innovative and accelerated non-residential degree programs across several disciplines on an international basis. We also found it essential to offer more than one college choice so that we could match students to the best possible school for both their skill set and their chosen degree program.


DegreePros offers a unique service to people who need college degrees but have neither the time nor money to attend a traditional University. Through our patented review process we are able to match prospective students with the best possible University. We have exclusive access to private Universities and are the only online institutions authorized to work with these schools. That means you won’t find these institutions with "bad press" splashed all over the Internet like you will with most others. Granting university level credits for life experience Degrees, simply means that the sum of your life experience is evaluated and credits are granted based on those things you have already learned or experienced. This process allows you to receive a degree in the shortest period of time without studying subjects you already know or in which you have no interest. Get Your Online College Degree For Life Experience. 

In 1834 the University of London became the very first institution of higher learning to offer degrees that did not require classroom attendance. Today that same concept is called Nontraditional Education. Within our society there are legions of productive individuals who have no formal university education. Others found it necessary to drop out of college prior to obtaining the degree they desired (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both famously dropped out of college). Many of these people have acquired an extensive education through life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals (and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth) is the lack of formal educational credentials. However for most adults returning to the classroom to obtain these credentials is virtually impossible.

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You can enroll at any time. On the enrollment page you can enter in all the requested information, type or upload your resume or general experience, then click the submit button. 

Heres The Exciting Part! Once we receive your enrollment, it is forwarded to the appropriate Colleges and Universities based on your chosen College Degree, & Major. You will then receive an email detailing the Colleges and Universities that have accepted you! You will have the opportunity to view the College website, and make an Informed Decision!.
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My expectations were exceeded. My fast bachelors degree, based on life experience was by far, the most pro looking yet, and I've ordered from many programs online.

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S. Deveaux, Philadelphia, PA.