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Undergraduate College Degrees are generally separated into two distinct categories, Arts & Science. Arts and Science degrees differ in the subjects that students take, where arts degree focuses on liberal arts topics such as English and literature while Sciences typically focus on the technical fields like analytics, Mathematics and the social and behavioral sciences . Arts allow more electives and fewer specialized courses while Sciences have more rigid requirements and coursework that focus on the major.

While one degree is not necessarily better than another, some educational experts suggest that students who earn a B.S. degree in psychology have greater flexibility and more opportunities. However, it is important to focus on choosing a degree that is the best-suited to your unique needs, skills, interests and professional goals. Degrees in Education are usually an arts degree. Engineering, Criminal Justice, Computing are generally science.

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The average length of study to earn an Associate degree is 2 years. A Bachelor's degree is approximately 4 years. Master's degree's take 4-6 years unless you have a prior bachelor's degree, in that case, it could be as little as 2 years. Doctorate degree's generally follow the same rule.
The Professorship. Those seeking to train and teach others in a specialized field within a school or other College related facility, would continually learn and receive their Professorship. This is usually earned in 4-6 years after the doctoral degree. In The United States there are age and time restrictions for the Professorship to be bestowed upon you.
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